About SFM

Supreme Fleet Management is a safety & Compliance consulting firm that is dedicated to serve the clients with the best available services and products. Sfm has achieved great success in the Canadian Logistics Industry. Serving the same clients and being with them from decades and decades, Sfm credits this massive accomplishment to our unrivalled team as well as the commitment and the quality the team provides towards clients.

Also, the company has a team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Sfm makes sure that the company deliver whatever promised and always go the extra mile to exceed the clients expectations. Supreme Fleet Management is always updating the methods and improving the products so that the company can offer the best possible service.

This firm offers the best drivers hiring programs in the province. The company also provides comprehensive training that covers all the necessary skills and knowledge required to be a professional driver. The major topics and the distinctive knowledge Sfm provides, makes a driver not only erudite but also skillful.

Our company’s mission is to increase the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the day to day operations of different fleets. We serves more than 2000 customers across a vast range of logistics and related industry.
Our highly qualified team has to go through some mandatory monthly sessions and exams to be perform well in the field.

Our suggested solutions will not only improve a logistics safety rating but will further save a lot of unnecessary expenses in the form of fines against non-compliance and high fleet running costs

Our Vision & Mission

We are dedicated to be a pinnacle organization in the field and therefore looking for long-lasting relationships with our clients
We aim to help logistic startups in flourishing by providing them one-stop solution for all their safety and compliance needs right from licensing to applying for fuel tax credits and refunds
We envision To make truck fleets as Safe as they can be so that in turn the cargo, roads, and businesses can be safer
We continuously strive to make logistics more profitable by plugging revenue leakages and designing robust processes

Our Core Values


No business can flourish unless it is transparent with clients and we are here to stay so we believe in transparency with customers about anything and everything, especially about cost, deliverables and quality


If you are looking for some cheap low-quality work, we are sorry but you may have to try our competitors. In this industry, we can compromise with revenue but not with quality. Try us for once and you will find out that we have unmatched quality among our peers.


Our business associates and existing customers know that our integrity is beyond doubt


We believe in owning up to the responsibility for our deliverables and committed timelines.