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Ford Racing 2 (aka 福特赛车2, Форд Драйв, Ford Racing Evolution), a really nice racing / driving game sold in for Windows, Download MB. Get behind the wheel of many types of Fords in Ford Racing 2. This is an exciting racing game that features an official Ford license!

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I tend odwnload get взято отсюда when a new idea comes along, which isn’t very often. But vame about Ford Racing appealed to me. I like the thought of driving several Ford models through a variety of courses. Where else can one find small economy cars racing against family sedans, trucks and utility vehicles? On the surface, this sounded like a very nice game. But as is often the источник статьи, nothing prepared me for the final product.

Players are given two choices: Quick Race and Career mode. Don’t get excited about Quick Races – only the dull and boring cars are available link download gta iv of the box. That means you’ll race around with a Ka, Escort, F or Explorer. To be honest, I’d just as soon avoid ever driving a Fro or Escort.

I have my pride. The other two, the F and Explorer were never, ever meant to drive fast around a track with turns, ddownload this becomes all-too-obvious as the race progresses. Taking a hairpin turn in an Explorer is not fun. It is dangerous. And boring. And slow. And it doesn’t exactly accelerate baldurs 2 download free of the turns, if you know what I mean. But these lc are merely speed bumps on the road to glory.

To access better cars, one must enter a Career. Drivers are given the choice of three different Championship series: Class, Http:// and Open.

Class Championships place you in ford racing 2 game free download for pc against other similar cars Escort vs. Closed Championship races pit по этому адресу car against other similar classes Ka vs. Fiesta, for example.

Open Championships allow cars of any model Ka vs. You gain access to new and better vehicles by winning the Class Championship or Closed Championship. In the Closed Dree, a victory against a better car нажмите для деталей you access to that car.

Visually, this game ranks among the most impressive I’ve seen. Elite the developer has delivered a very impressive array of tracks – with strong attention to detail and excellent textures. Elite has also created high-detailed, high-polygon car models. Now that I’ve covered the best aspects of the game the basic idea and the graphics I am free to explain exactly why this game belongs in the trash. Most, if not every, racing game allows a variety of driving views – above and behind the car, inside the car здесь and without interior overlaybumper-level, and extreme 3rd-person further back and behind the car.

I, for one, prefer the view inside the car, usually with the interior overlay. That view is not an option.

In fact, there is only one way to play this game: 3rd-person from above and behind. Ford racing 2 game free download for pc as if Elite has decided that every other successful racing game had it all wrong. Elite has assumed that the only view anyone could ever want would be the 3rd person view. Even if the vast majority of gamers play with this view, ford racing 2 game free download for pc should be an option, not a directive. This bad decision ripples through the rest of the game.

The downloar person perspective is great for showing the next bend in a curve, but absolutely dreadful at conveying a sense of speed. Though the speedometer often reads mph or greater, it feels much, much slower. Playing Ford Racing is like watching Olympic race walking.

You keep expecting things to speed up, but it never does. On the positive side the Ka, Escort, Fiesta, F and Explorer accurately simulate the real driving experience for these cars. On the negative side, the Ka, Escort, Fiesta, F and Explorer accurately simulate the real driving experience for these cars. Out of the box, however, this is all downlpad get. That translates into a few hours of anti-fun before you get to move on to more fun family sedans! I can’t wait to get behind the Ford Focus and Ford Taurus!

When I note that the performance of these cars is accurately modeled, I mean it. The body roll! Where else can you drive a car with serious handling problems? The Escort turns out around. I especially enjoyed the foot turning radius! And what’s the first car you win? The Ford Fiesta! Just what I always wanted! Only the truly masochistic would endure the career gyrations necessary to earn the Ford GT Though many нажмите для деталей these models are successful as race vehicles, nothing in this game would convince me these cars have any more umph than a stock base-model.

Furthermore, just as racing a go-kart at 30mph can be a great thrill in real life but a bore on a computer, racing a Fiesta ссылка a computer is something of a bore. Though the audio experience of racing games rarely achieves greatness, I have finally found a unique sonic experience in Ford Racing.

For best results, completely disconnect your speakers. Your imagination is much more effective than the sound designers at Elite. Where you might expect a four-banger to по этой ссылке a high-pitched whine, nothing prepared me for the sound of a rotary tool. Nor did I expect the same high-pitched whine when my RPMs moved from 6, to 10, – no change rzcing tone, just the same monotonous whine hence the word, mono-tone-ous, meaning one tone.

Occasionally, the atmospheric sound changes dramatically. This means one of four things: 1 you are approaching a pack of cars; something else is going on that you won’t be able to figure out – but there are definitely four situations where the sound changes.

Sound could change when you are being overtaken by a pack of cars, but without a rear-view mirror egad – they left that out as well!

I never could tell. In fact, all the changing sound, annoying whines and droll music is best left out completely. In the Ka, that’s about all you get! No car damage. You can bump and grind your opposition to your heart’s desire, yet no visual damage ever appears. Nor does functional damage degrade the performance of your car.

Purely arcade. I read in an ford racing 2 game free download for pc with the game’s producer that this was a design decision, not a licensing limitation. Hey, good choice. Why make any concessions to realism when you can’t even get the sound right. The game features an automatic and rscing semi-automatic transmission.

This means you are not fully in ford racing 2 game free download for pc. If you try to shift to 6th gear and are below 30 mph, it shifts back to neutral. If you run off-road sand pits, grass, etc it shifts into neutral Fore you bump an obstruction, it shifts into neutral All of this is bad enough, but sometimes it shifts into neutral ford racing 2 game free download for pc a moment before I downshift, resulting in gamd shift to reverse None of this is doing me any favors!

I also found it interesting that shifting from 4th to 5th resulted in an RPM difference of only That’s awfully short. Especially when the Ka is geared to go no faster than mph. Since the RPMs redline at 10, then you get rpm per gear. That’s nowhere near the rpm per gear of the game. But that does explain why the engine sounds don’t change when it switches gears Keep it in automatic. The game shipped in late beta form.

This downlaod the product you purchase is not really the product Elite intended. They want you to download a patch later. For now, split screen racing is the only option. Elite admits this. While I applaud Ford racing 2 game free download for pc for such honesty, I’d rather have multiplayer out of the box. Something every other racing title seems to have no difficulty achieving, but is beyond Elite’s vision for this product. Since the introduction of force feedback wheels, almost every racing game has included this necessary feature.

Ford racing 2 game free download for pc it to Ford Racing to finally do force feedback the wrong way.


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Ford Racing 2 Free Download for PC is the second game in the Ford Racing series and was released on October 28, for the PlayStation 2, PC, and Xbox. Ford Racing 2 · Extract the file using Winrar. (Download Winrar) · Open “Ford Racing 2 – (” folder, double click on “Setup”. You are currently on a top-rated site to download the Ford Racing 2 PC game. You can easily find this Racing category game for download on.


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